Архив рубрики: TOP-5 apartments of the week

Each week our experts handpick best apartments of the week in their area then we select TOP-5 apartments in all Moscow.

TOP-5 apartments of the week. 18-24 April

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Kostyanskij Per., 12


It seems that Crocodile Dundee lived here. He has conquered Moscow jungle and decided to leave here some things as a keepsake.


Ul. Akademika Koroleva, 4k1


This apartment was designed for all who wants to enjoy daily the beautiful view from the window of the eighteenth floor. Also renting a large apartment on favorable terms can’t hurt anyone.


Ul. Serafimovicha, 2


The apartment which has broken all records for viewing on the website last week.
Of course «House on the Embankment» is a magical place.


Chistyj Per., 5a


Maisonette apartment and the spirit of adventure in the center of Moscow. Unique value for money and a lovely old alley.


Frunzenskaya Nab., 12


Where is it best to enjoy summer in Moscow? Of course, next to the river on Frunzenskaya naberezhnaya. Especially when you can see the river right through the kitchen window.

TOP-5 apartments of the week. 11-17 April.

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Ul. Borisa Galushkina, 25


Such a nice and warm apartment that you do not want to leave it. The kitchen have to be filled with smell of spices and freshly made family dinner.


Pavla Andreeva, 24k4


Four beautiful rooms for only 75 thousand rubles per month — is it a fairy tale? Oh, and it will take you 10 just minutes to reach the city center.


Pushkarev Per., 19


Light beige tones always soothe. Living in the heart of the city with its crazy rhythm, you’ll be waiting to return in such place.


Brusov Per., 8-10s1


Who would like to live in the royal chambers? Welcome! This place was created for the royal bloods.


Bol’shoj Sergievskij Per., 18


Beware, this balcony can hit you with its romanticism! But seriously, it’s just a great three rooms apartment in the old alleys of Moscow.

TOP-5 apartments of the week. 4-10 April

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Skakovaya Ul., 5


Who would like to get a beautiful spring bouquet? This apartment is so bright that it requires no extra words. Just enjoy it, because apart from the beautiful interior there is excellent value for money.


Ulica Michurinskij Prospekt, 7


Great apartment in walking distance from Moscow State University! Pretty and simple. Don’t forget that it is really good Shuvalovskiy building with a concierge and security around the house.


Tihvinskaya Ul., 12


Who likes to be in the center but not willing to put up with noise and the tiny apartment? Here’s a cool apartment, where wood, light walls and light from a window harmoniously combines.


Ul. Veresaeva, 12


Absolutely simple but very attractive apartment on Kuncevskaya. Three lovely spacious rooms. Nothing superfluous but all right.


1-ya Dubrovskaya Ul., 1k4


Very aristocratic studio apartment on the Proletarskaya. New brick house was built in 2002. Good price and good place.


TOP-5 apartments of the week. 28 March — 3 April

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2-J Obydenskij Per., 10


Have you ever seen that? Two bedroom apartment on Ostozhenka — 75 thousand rubles per month. Low-rise mansion with a parking spot!


1-J Kolobovskij Per., 10s1

thumb_700x700_c14f73168bbdc2f197ffc617482ab0afSo bright and pretty! Like a prototype of the classic Russian novel: there is a cozy patio with a pergola, which creates an atmosphere of something native.


Lomonosovskij Prosp., 19


This apartment is worth the attention of intellectuals. Theatre in the courtyard, a piano for an familial evening romances.


Malaya Filevskaya Ul., 50


Three bedroom apartment with large rooms where you can organize dances. Dressing room, which will make any woman happy. The kitchen that can make happy any man=)


Ul. Solyanka, 1k2


It’s located on the Ivanovo hill — one of the seven hills of the Moscow! Probably, it is nice to know that you live in such a significant area of the city.

TOP-5 apartments of the week. 21-27 March

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Malomoskovskaya Ul., 15a


Which man does not want to return home and know that there is a beautiful woman waiting for you?


Ul. Hamovnicheskij Val, 36


Expensive, but its worth it. The luxury residential complex «Khamovniki House». Such unusual combination of colors in the interior and a great location.


Astradamskij Proezd, 4ak1


Minimalistic interior, elements of the loft and the spirit of travel. We think this home should be a place for perfect relaxation and enjoyment.

Varshavskoe Shosse, 3


This stylish studio apartment inspires and gives a good mood. And you immediately want to bring all your affairs in order.


Bol’shoj Ovchinnikovskij Per., 12s1


If you want to experience the Russian spirit this apartment is for you. In addition to the excellent price and location in the historic center of Moscow it has its own steam room!

TOP-5 apartments of the week. 14-20 March

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Nab. Presnenskaya, 12


This apartments continue the theme of the apartments for a bachelor. Moscow City Tower is ideal for ambitious and active people who like night life.


Argunovskaya Ul., 6k1


In contrast to the previous flat, this one is very bright and perfectly fits the spring spirit.

Kirovogradskaya Ul., 17k2


Very affordable, but at the same time very pretty option. Three large rooms and a total of 50 thousand rubles per month. It is right near to a metro station — what could be better?

Prosp. Mira, 167


The apartment for a princess. However Beautiful Prince on a White Horse is not included.

Bashilovskaya Ul., 1k2


In this apartment you will never feel lonely! But, jokes aside, its a very nice apartment. Three rooms and a total of 60 thousand per month.

TOP-5 apartments of the week. 7-13 March

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Frunzenskaya Nab., 26


This apartment has its own unique charismatic character. It is so unusual that you’ll want to look at it again and again.


Nezhinskaya Ul., 1k2


Stylish haven for a bachelor. Located inside a nice green triangle surrounded by Volyn forests and Setun’s Valley.


Bol’shaya Cherkizovskaya Ul., 8k1


As plain and simple as greek yogurt. This is what you need for a comfortable stay in Moscow. It offers both an easy access to the center and a quiet and pleasant residential area.

Strastnoj Bul., 10


Summer is just around the corner! It means it’s time to get out your swim suite!

Ul. Karetnyj Ryad, 5/10s2


In such apartment you do want to enjoy the works of the great classic composers!
It is recommended for listening: Antonín Dvořák —  Serenade for Strings — Op.22 — II. Tempo di Valse (performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Leopold Stokowski)


TOP-5 apartments of the week. 29 February — 6 March

*all photos are linked to apartments

Myasnickaya Ul., 24/7s1


Famous Parisian mansard is a place where many romantic, intriguing and adventurous stories have been taking place for long time. Pair it with Russian craziness and ability to surprise and here it is — awesome apartments right in the center of Moscow with fantastic views. It’s really hard to make living in Moscow better!


Milutinskij Per., 11


The theme of France is very popular in Moscow interiors. As this house is located next to the French Lyceum you can literally create your own little Paris in Moscow! 🙂

Tverskaya Ul., 4s2


Now this is something for the lovers of the simplistic and restrained Scandinavian style. The house is located right next to the Red Square — a great opportunity to have a nice walk in the evening during romantic spring night or have a late snack in one of dozens of nice restaurants in Moscow.

Komsomol’skij Prosp., 3s1


A true duplex penthouse in Khamovniki. Luxury apartment with a bedroom for staff and laundry room. No more words needed. Just enjoy the pics!

3-ya Rybinskaya Ul., 30


Minimalism in the price and in the interior. Nothing extra — only simplicity and functionality!


5 simple rules to totally rock Moscow

Ледяные скульптуры по-русски

Moscow can be fun and exciting. You can have your lifetime experience and really enjoy staying here. You can discover for yourself delicious Georgian cuisine, thousand years old monasteries that you can randomly ran into in some area near Moscow, warmth of a Russian who turned into your friend. Lots of my foreign friends who came once in Moscow keep coming more and more.
However for some it may become a real challenge.
No one can get a guarantee from making mistakes and be sure you’ll make yours as well. Let’s just focus on trying not to make too critical mistakes. Here are a few main ones.

First rule: Don’t criticize their government

Pushkin said (my rough translation): «I hate the guts of Russian government, but I hate even more when a foreigner shares my feelings». Two centuries later nothing changed. Russians still do not love their government too much, but get really offensive when a foreigner say something bad about it.

Second rule: Learn at least a few phrases in Russian

Do you want to see how these brutal faces that looks like they never smiled even in childhood becomes totally excited? Learn «Nalivay», «Za vashe zdorovye». «Ura», «Krasavica» to totally rock any party night. People will appreciate that you are trying to learn the language and forgive you a lot.

Third rule: Try to find who you know here or get to know someone quickly

Knowing someone local will save tones of your nerves, money and efforts. Moscow is just becoming a little bit friendlier to travel around for a english speaking person, not mentioning anyone who don’t. If you just follow recommendations of international guides or concierge services be prepare to pay twice, visit quite ridiculous restaurants and bars and be targeted by various money-hungry people.

Do you remember the rule of 6 hand shacks? I bet there are much less between you and some nice person living in Moscow. Often they will be glad to show you the city, practice English and just hangout with some foreigner. It’s much nicer to hang out with some nice and smart Russian then hold your smartphone and read about everything on the screen

Fourth rule: Rent your place either through AirBnB or through Homeapp

Coming for a week or two? Use AirBnB. There are couple dozens apartments right next to the center of the city with nice design and landlords used to accommodate foreigners.

Coming for more than a month? Use Homeapp.ru. It’s the largest database of real apartments (without fakes, duplicate listings, outdated posts, etc.) It’s fully translated in English and they have very own brokers who work in just one neighborhood and know a lot about it, i.e. real current prices on apartments with such design in this exact area. Big plus — they do not differentiate locals or expats in terms of price (most agencies do it big time!). Fee is fixed at 30 thousand rubles (like 350 usd?)

Fifth rule: In any situation — relax and enjoy

This probably applies to life overall as well. If at 4 am in the morning you found yourself drinking some vodka somewhere on the roof or at someones patio, don’t panic. Enjoy and have fun. Most probably it will end up in a good way.

Good luck!

TOP-5 apartments of the week. 22-28 February

*All photos are linked to apartments.

Osennij Bul’v., 16k1


Despite the name of Boulevard — Osenniy what means Fall or Autumn in British English — this apartment will perfectly fit the spring mood. The apartment is very bright and is located right in the center of very green area.


1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ul., 20


A small but very cozy apartment in a beautiful house of the famous Soviet architect, leader of constructivism.


Troitskaya Ul., 9k1


Bright apartment in a luxury brick building which was built for the Bolshoi Theater artists. There are two large rooms and landlord can buy furniture just for you.


Petrozavodskaya Ul., 12k1


For lovers of classic style. The apartment is in the style of royal chambers. Just look at the bedroom! And these beautiful pictures! It’s quite something=)


Prospekt Michurinskij, 29k1


One room apartment in a residential area of Moscow. There soon will be built a new subway station — Ramenky!